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OLL 2018-19 Afternoon (Group 3)

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 2.5 MINUTE PRESENTATIONS: Your language course


Dear all,  The presentation of your language course this week is just under 2.5 minutes

(Please excuse me but I’m going to stop everyone at 2.5 mins as unfortunately we don’t have time for longer as this is our LAST CLASS except for our ASSIGNMENT Q&A on 29 March at 11:00).


You need to load the link up here on our wiki as we did for the presentations on the mobile apps.

The presentation is spoken and will present and explain the ACTUAL course (ie, NO powerpoints unless it's an android app you can't project - YOU NEED TO ASK ME IN ADVANCE FOR THIS!).

You need to explain who the learners are (age, proficiency, country/global), the aim of the course, the structure of the course overall, and one of your lessons/classes/chapters/sections (whatever you call it in your course)

NB for the written assignment, please note that we recommend you show THREE classes/lessons... (see the assignment guidelines).

You need to explain the aims and objectives, needs analysis, syllabus, methods, assessment and evaluation for your course, together with the learning, teaching and online theories underpinning it. If you have time.

We are also interested in collaboration, accessibility, autonomy, sustainability… and the other concepts we have discussed in the course this semester.

The assignment is designed for you to show off your understanding, skills, and creativity. You can use any platforms, packages and apps you want IF THEY ARE USEFUL FOR YOUR LEARNERS’ LEARNING. [So, NO giving lectures online as we know is often done! No test-directed materials, eg, IELTS-only courses – the course should be good for online learners of a specific level anywhere – though possibly restricted by the medium of instruction].


If you are unable to come to class this week, please give the link to the video of your course presentation (linked to your video channel) and I will give you feedback on it.

Please do not password protect your presentation during your presentation - REMOVE PASSWORDS BEFORE YOU PRESENT (people always seem to forget their passwords in the stress of the moment...)

You are welcome to take down your link straight after your presentation, but please leave your name so I have you down as having presented...





[NAME, YOUR LINK TO YOUR COURSE]  Post your links below!

YuyiWang: https://www.cloudschool.org/Diffa/a-travel-in-edinburgh

Qianling Li: http://lqlsays.pbworks.com/w/page/131504667/FrontPage

Jiawen Cai:https://www.cloudschool.org/karinalanguagelearning/pre-session-english-learning-for-undergraduate

Jingyi Wang: https://foxs959874741.wordpress.com/

Fengming Guo: https://wordpress.com/view/clumsy126656841.wordpress.com


Lin Zheng: https://coursecraft.net/courses/z9XDV

Ziqian Gao: https://www.cloudschool.org/SoniaQ/preparation-for-studying-and-living-in-the-uk?from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0

Jiaying Fu: https://eliademy.com/app/a/courses/e5d7a0a8fc

Qiaoyu Liu:https://www.openlearning.com/

Meitong Li: https://www.cloudschool.org/lexi/learning-english-from-musicals


Yichen Shi: https://www.cloudschool.org/Dean/speaking-training-for-ielts-test



Qianling Li google maps

Alexandra Tigan https://readlang.com/

Ruoxuan Gao https://www.quora.com/ 



WIKIS  (Name, link)

Mengyu Qin: Megan's wiki 

Jiaying Fu Jiaying

Fengming GuoOLL.ppt

Qianling Li Qianling Li

Ziqian  Gao Lovely and amazing

Mixue Zhou

Alex Alexandra Tigan

JIAWEN CAI:karina's wiki

RUOXUAN GAO:allison's wiki 

Lei Yang: amazing

Teng Huang: Teng's wiki  Hi Teng, could you put your link to your wiki here and your blog link below? 

Meitong Li: Meitong Li

Yuyi WangWonderland

Qiaoyu Liu: Qiaoyu Liu

Jingyi Wang:Jingyi Wang

Yurui Fu:Yurui Fu

Yuan ZHU:Yuan ZHU

Ziqian Gao: Happy Chinese New Year! 

Yichen Shi Dean666






BLOGS  (Name, link)

Jiaying Fu   https://littleworldoffiona.wordpress.com/

Qianling Li: https://lqlsays.wordpress.com/

Alexandra Tigan: https://alextigan.home.blog/

Qiaoyu Liu:  https://uponstudio.wordpress.com

Mengyu Qin: https://megangotesol.wordpress.com/

Meitong Li: https://hilexi.wordpress.com/

Ziqian Gao: https://soniagaocom.wordpress.com/2019/02/01/an-interesting-news-shared-with-you/

JIAWEN CAI:https://karinalearning.wordpress.com

LIN ZHENG: https://eeyiyi.wordpress.com/

Lei Yang: https://reazwithme910700503.wordpress.com

Fengming Guo: https://wordpress.com/view/clumsy126656841.wordpress.com

Yichen Shi: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/deanshi1996.wordpress.com

Mixue Zhou: https://michelle139984679.wordpress.com/

Yuan ZHU:https://yuanoll.wordpress.com

Yuyi Wang: https://wordpress.com/view/wonderland10017052.wordpress.com

Ruoxuan Gao: https://bietaiduoluo.wordpress.com/ 

Yurui FU:https://yuruinewtree.wordpress.com

Yuan ZHU:https://www.cloudschool.org/activities/ahFzfmNsb3Vkc2Nob29sLWFwcHI5CxIEVXNlchiAgIDgq7iGCgwLEgZDb3Vyc2UYgICAgIDyiAoMCxIIQWN0aXZpdHkYgICAhsegjgsMogEQNTcyODg4NTg4Mjc0ODkyOA


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