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General Comments

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This is a page for general comments...



from MH

I am finding the following "simple" task a little bit frustrating:

I want to add all the OLL students to my wiki, as "writers."

Where can I find the email addresses of the OLL students?

I need an address book, I think.

(What usually happens just after I write a message like this, is I often stumble across the answer to my query myself...)


one way to get round this problem is to simply let everyone know (by email?) the address for the wiki. When they go there, they will not be able to access it without sending a message to the wii owner. At that point you, as the wiki owner, will get an email alerting you to a request from a new user. You can then click to give access. 

The alternative is to add the email addresses for everyone. If you use First Class emails, it will be the matriculation number followed by @education.ed.ac.uk

If you want to have your wiki open, then you can simply allow anyone to make changes - you can do this in the "settings" for the wiki.

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