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Evaluating online materials

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Look at the fourteen pedagogical dimensions of computer-based education (CBE) outlined by Dr Reeves.




Select at least 5 of these that you would plan to include in your course evaluation. Note how you would evaluate each:





dimension for evaluation specific ways in which I would evaluate these


Program flexibility


When designing the task I have created clear instructions about what they have to do and these teacher-instructions will be given during the pre-task. During the task they will work in groups on the different activities but their creations will not have to follow a model as it will be quite open. Students will also have to follow a schedule on developing and delivering the activities but they are given enoug time between one task athe other.  

This certainly gives one kind of programme flexibility, although it doesn't seem to allow for the teacher to have opportunities to make the programme more relevant for each group of learners. You might want to consider what Reeves calls "creative modifications". Perhaps, though, you are already actually doing this as you personally have the opportunity to make adjustments (the kind of programme Reeves is describing seems to be more a programme that belongs to an institution and so an individual teacher can't make adjustments).


Individual difference

Students will have access to a self-access room if they need to improve their language skills and they will work in groups which means that they can receive scaffolding from other students. In the campus there is a section called "Helps & Tips" that studentscan use to contact the teacher. 


Definitely shows scaffolding; cognitive support could come from the "help"? And also the metacognitive support could be part of the discussions between teacher and student, where the teacher explicitly refers to learning processes?


Cultural sensitivity

 My task is an exchange trip beetwen students in Girona and Edinburghnd one of the main aims is to know each other's city in order to be more sensitive to the other students' culture. Students have to change information around their cities and write down a blog with the help of this information. An analysis of the content of the blog would help teachers to evaluate how the cultural features have been grasped.  

THis sounds helpful - especially if there is a pro-active sense by the teacher of promoting variety and differences.



(to be continued)








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Ruby said

at 1:40 pm on Apr 9, 2009

Sergi - I think you've chosen relevant aspects to consider; in the assignment it would be good to give the specific references from the parts of the course that you are referring to. You are already using a lot of the "jargon" about learning theory so this is a good basis for a structured evaluation process

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