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OLL 2017-18 Afternoon

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4 MINUTE PRESENTATIONS: Your language course


Dear all,  The presentation of your language course this week is just under 4 minutes

(Please excuse me but I’m going to stop everyone at 4 mins as unfortunately we don’t have time for longer as this is our LAST CLASS).


You need to load the link up here on our wiki as we did for the presentations on the mobile apps.

The presentation is spoken and will present and explain the ACTUAL course (ie, no powerpoints unless it's an android app you can't project!).

You need to explain who the learners are (age, proficiency, country/global), the aim of the course, the structure of the course overall, and one of your lessons/classes/chapters/sections (whatever you call it in your course)

NB for the written assignment, please note that we recommend you show THREE classes/lessons... (see the assignment guidelines).

You need to explain the aims and objectives, needs analysis, syllabus, methods, assessment and evaluation for your course, together with the learning, teaching and online theories underpinning it. If you have time, we are also interested collaboration, accessibility, autonomy… and the other concepts we have discussed in the course this semester.

The assignment is designed for you to show off your understanding, skills, and creativity. You can use any platforms, packages and apps you want IF THEY ARE USEFUL FOR YOUR LEARNERS’ LEARNING. [So, no straight giving lectures online as we know is often done! No test-directed materials, eg, IELTS-only courses – the course should be good for online learners of a specific level anywhere – though possibly restricted by the medium of instruction].


If you are unable to come to class this week, please upload your video of your course presentation to the wiki and I will give you feedback on it.

You are welcome to take down your link straight after your presentation, but please leave your name so I have you down as having presesented...





Chanjuan Luo: https://modao.cc/app/X8KS5Dy7DDTtfyowCMHEkmLdlagB6mI

LIU LIN : https://www.cloudschool.org/Lily_LL/english-for-social-communication

SUN Lei: https://uoe-my.sharepoint.com/:o:/g/personal/s1761128_ed_ac_uk/EpyVCPR65pBKm4Yv4AdGuxABrdpRRHdqw1ZS4s77OPk5Ow?e=xRXgJa 

Kaiyu Ma: https://www.cloudschool.org/EnglishforTravelling

QI NI https://s1715669.wixsite.com/ollxjob-hunting

Xinyue Mi https://286413003.wixsite.com/driving-english

Shiyi Shen https://v4.simplesite.com/#/pages/439260630

Yunhuan Ye https://www.cloudschool.org/LESLEY

Te LI https://www.cloudschool.org/TeLI 

Wenjing Wang https://www.cloudschool.org/sitcomeenglish/english-through-movies

Yihan SUN https://live.easygenerator.com/#courses/ad6c18a785404085963c68fff815203a 

Huimiin Zheng  https://www.cloudschool.org/Daisy_Zheng

Yi Jiang https://www.cloudschool.org/YiJiang/learn-english-in-native-way

Xiangying Zeng http://www.eapcourse.simplesite.com

Liquan Chai: https://www.cloudschool.org/liquanoll/english-for-informatics

Miao Jin https://uoe-my.sharepoint.com









Xinyue Mi www.xymflora.wordpress.com

Huimin Zheng https://huimin112220281.wordpress.com/

Liquan Chai https://liquansblog.wordpress.com/

Te LI https://te0309.wordpress.com/

Chanjuan Luo https://chanjuan385264760.wordpress.com

Lingyi Wu https://travelrelax62886335.wordpress.com/

Chunmeng Wang http://amy808821864.wordpress.com

Liu Lin https://liulin958883116.wordpress.com/

Shiyi Shen https://liebecyn.wordpress.com

Wenjing Wang https://emmainuk2017.wordpress.com

SUN Lei https://sunlei1761128.wordpress.com/

Dan Ye http://learningenglishwitholivia.wordpress.com

Yihan SUN https://wordpress.com/post/amazingonlinecourse.wordpress.com/13 

Yi Jiang https://jyjoy926.wordpress.com/

Jin Miao https://luna550959271.wordpress.com

Kaiyu Ma https://kaiyu7.wordpress.com/

Xinyi Li https://xinyi710.wordpress.com/

Qi Ni https://nikki322275058.wordpress.com


ONE-MINUTE PRESENTATIONS: Present your favourite MOBILE APP to use for language learning. The app... does NOT need to be designed or created for language learning or teaching use...


The app might have been designed for something else originally - that's ok, it's how you use it...


ALL THE NOs... The presentation is NOT ASSESSED. You don't need to use the app for your assignment. NO use of powerpoint or presi unless it's for screenshots to show us an android app!

If you can't come to class on Friday, please post a link to your one minute video so we can give feedback, and write VIDEO next to it so I realise.



Address the following questions as far as you can:


1) What can you learn or teach with your mobile app? NB you need to name it, and show what it looks like.

NB If iphone app, please bring a cable (mine is the old kind). If Android - please set it up on PC if possible, as I can't connect the phone to the projector, sadly. Or a powerpoint with screenshots through slideshare.net


2) WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH IT? How could you use it for language learning? YOU ARE IN THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER.


3) How is it better than using paper/ coursebooks/ old technology? (If it's not better, then it's not worth using - old technology is good because it does what you want it to).


4) What is your language learning theory for what you do with it? Make reference to the theories we have discussed in Semester 1.


5) What is your language teaching theory for what you do with it?


6) What are the drawbacks? What are the limitations?




EVALUATION. The presentations will be followed by a discussion of why, when and how to use mobile language learning apps, and the future of mobile apps. This link might be useful:



BELOW, LIST YOUR APP, YOUR NAME, AND PUT A LINK TO YOUR PRESENTATION. If you need to show ppt screenshots for android, you need to upload your ppt to http://www.slideshare.net/ and then link it.

Put the name of the App first, then a maximum of three people can choose each app. The plan is that we get a good variety of apps, so you may have to present your second favourite if 3 people chose your favourite first.

DO NOT on pain of something very pointy, change anyone else's name, app, link or choice!!! The wiki shows who makes the change...




1 MINUTE APP PRESENTATION LIST: [APP, name, link to presentation]


PILI POP, Chanjuan Luo, https://www.pilipop.com/apps/

Keke English  Xinyue Mi, http://www.kekenet.com/topic/app/

DAKA,    Huimin Zheng, http://helloseed.io/index.php/daka/

Monk Tang English, Chunmeng Wang, http://monktang.com

Qupeiyin, Yi Jiang http://qupeiyin.com/children/index

EasyWorldEnglish, Wenjing Wang http://www.easyworldofenglish.com/default.aspx

Khan Academy, Te LI,   https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id469863705?mt=8 

Mofunshow, Dan Ye, http://www.mofunshow.com

Sock Puppets, Yihan Sun, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sock-puppets/id394504903?mt=8

VR chat, Liquan Chai, https://store.steampowered.com/app/438100/VRChat/

KEKE English, Kaiyu Ma, http://www.kekenet.com/

TAOBAO, Xinyi Li,https://world.taobao.com/

Renren Dictionary, Jin Miao, https://www.slideshare.net/JinMiao00609

TED TALKS, SUN Lei,  https://www.ted.com/  

BuzzFeed, Lingyi Wu, https://www.buzzfeed.com/?utm_term=.liAAovwmZz#.lpBy2XrpYP

Kao mannen,Ye Yunhuan. http://www.kaomanfen.com/appcenter/toefl.html

Qupeiyin, LIU LIN, http://www.qupeiyin.cn/

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