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Page history last edited by Ruby 7 years ago

Use this page to introduce yourself to the group using a wiki (you can put similar information as on the blog, if you can't think of anything new to write!).

The page should be a list of names - don't write your content here. Instead, follow the instructions to create a new page. The new page will be your own page, and the link to it (your name) will be on this page.


  1. you need to have "edit" access to this page. If you haven't yet joined the wiki as a writer, you need to do that. Look at the top right of the wiki page - you will see a link to "log in". That will take you to another page, where you can either log in using your email and password, or you can "request access". To join the wiki as a writer you need to first request access (note - when you request access can you make it obvious who you are, or add a message - if I get a request from "prettykittens@hotmail" I'm likely to ignore it!).
  2. On this page you will see two tabs - VIEW and EDIT. Click on the EDIT tab. You will then see a typical toolbar and you can type on the page.
  3. first scroll down the page and place the cursor (click the mouse) on the next line so that you can start typing there - use the table that's set up below so that you can add your name in a list for the group, just to make it easier for us to find everyone
  4. go to the right of the wiki page where you will see "inset a link to a new page". Click on that. 
  5. start typing in the box to name your page (your own name would be useful!) and click to create the new page
  6. save this page
  7. on the saved page, click on the new link you have created, to take you to your new page.
  8. edit your new page in the same way as you edited this page


Links to pages:

group 1 (Ruby)
group 2 (Charlie)
group 3 (Charlie)

Chenhe Yang

Zhanqi Hu Jing Lin 

Yang Liu

Xiangrong He

Xueying Zhang

Wenxin Zhang

Ningning Zheng

Yi Jiang

Jingshu Wu

Wenjing Zhao

Yijie Wang

Chenhui Lin

Xiaojing Chen

Wen Chen

Honglin Liu

Afidatul Husniyah

Wan-Lun Wu

Jiaqi Qu

Fan Yang

Fanger Lin

Yifan Zhu

yin lingling

Yijun Gao

Han Zou



Xiang Xu

Yi Ren

Xiaoqing Yang

Zhang Ye

xin song



Yunwen Yang  

Claire Waugh

Miki Hashimoto

Xiao Zhang


Mengyi Liu


Jiameng Li

Lijun Wang

Tingying Zhang

Jiang Wanrong

Ying Li

Mengnan Lyu  








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